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Relocation process: 8 steps

  • Profile: Together with the employer a profile of the desired candidate is drawn up. Technical skills, education and other needed professional and personal characteristics are identified and prioritised.
  • Strategy: Based on the profile a recruiting strategy is determined. First we check Want 2 Work's own database and tap in to our own extensive network. If that doesn't deliver the desired candidate, a specific advertising campaign is launched.
  • Skill check: Interested candidates are interviewed in-depth to verify that they have the skills, experience and routine which are required for the job.
  • Language check: Command of the English language is tested thoroughly, using the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • Reference check: Cv/resume is checked to confirm that the candidate has provided a truthful reproduction of his actual experiences, education and qualifications.
  • Introduction: When the candidates has passed all checks he or she is introduced to the employer, our client. Next, the client has the option to interview the candidate via video conference.
  • Preliminary contract: In case our client, the employer, decides to hire a candidate, a preliminary contract will be signed. Visa application and other necessary procedures will be started immediately.
  • Relocation package: To guarantee a smooth, hassle-free start of the candidate in his new working environment, Want 2 Work offers several complete relocation packages. This way, newly hired employees can be assisted with all necessary arrangement, from finding a house and new school for the kids to complete furniture removal.(Relocation packages)
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