Want 2 work recruitment company

Perfect match

Want 2 Work is an experienced� international recruitment company, with offices in Australia, Poland, the Netherlands and South Africa. We match jobs and workers all over the world, in all kinds of industries. From (mining) engineers and construction workers to professionals in healthcare, logistics and information technology. And from skilled experts in oil and gas to carpenters, mechanics, welders, electricians and other tradesmen. For Want 2 Work there's only one match: the perfect match.

We take care

To make every match perfect, we take care of all the hassle. That's why we offer complete relocation packages with every match. From finding a house, a new school for the kids to all visa and other immigration requirements We also take care of tax forms, insurance papers and � if necessary - obtaining a local drivers license. We even move complete furniture. Going abroad has never been easier, for both workers �nd employers. We care. So we take care. Want 2 Work: international recruitment that works.

Want 2 Work, we take care
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